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The impact of regulatory and legal obligations are increasing. Managing GRC will take up more time and resources - hence more costs. Unless, of course, you choose a different approach

This is GRC management as it should be. Find out more about Decision Focus’ vision for GRC software by downloading our brochure today.

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Decision Focus is an intelligent GRC management tool,
offering small and large companies and enterprises a scalable, future-proof approach to GRC - for all industries and sectors. It enables your organization to meet the increasing GRC demands - smarter and with fewer resources.
As it should be.

One platform
for all your
GRC moves

Ease of use and simplicity of ownership. Our complete solution, supporting all GRC stakeholders, comes in one low license cost. We can quickly help you tailor it to fit your exact needs and give your users a system they love to use.

The Promise of a
Modern GRC Platform

Faster adoption

More employees in your organization will become involved in GRC in the future. Therefore, you need to be able to adopt and roll-out your GRC tools faster to a larger group of users. With the simplicity of Decision Focus and the extreme user-friendliness, this is simple.

Embedded pro activity

Decision Focus is based on agile DevOps and fail-forward thinking. By launching small pilot projects, you will get experience and knowledge fast and be able to redesign and reconfigure the tool to be at its best – at any time.

All data in one place

Decision Focus stores all data relevant for GRC management in one place. E-mails, files, messages. The days of managing tons of data in many different spreadsheets and documents are over.

Move at your own pace

You can evolve your GRC capabilities and move up the maturity scale at whatever pace suits you and to whatever level meets your needs. However, the bigger leaps are often driven by regulatory or legal change. Decision Focus is a key asset in meeting those changes with confidence.

Right-size the rigor

You don’t have to make changes in your organizational processes to fit Decision Focus. Decision Focus fits your framework.

We’ll keep you safe

You know the risks, and we help you mitigate against them

Decision Focus is built for security. We allow customers to manage users directly from a single, central directory using either the native identity management setup, LinkedIn or 3rd party SSO Identity Provider.

IBM Cloud

Our long-lasting partner IBM delivers one of the most compliant, scalable and secure clouds available in the market today. Average availability of DFN is 99.97% on IBM Cloud.

What’s your next move?

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Here at Decision Focus, we deliver a GRC solution that’s customised to your needs - all in one platform.

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